EMS Products made by EMS people for EMS people!!!!!!

Manufacture and sales of splints, cervical spine immobilizers, and helmet immobilization devices, supplies and equipment for Emergency Medical services, ambulance, EMS, fire, and rescue as well as sports medicine an athletic trainers.

Danby Fabrication Service, Inc. (DFS) has recently branched out and entered into the Emergency Medical Service market. We have developed three innovative new products for pre - hospital care providers and are now prepared to market these products nation wide.
All DFS products are designed by one person who has experience as a full time machine designer / fabricator, volunteer with fire and ambulance departments, and as a full time paramedic / firefighter with a fire dept. based ambulance. This experience in four fields allows us to know what works and what doesn't quite work as well as it should in the EMS field.

All of our products have been designed to fill a need we saw lacking in what is being offered as commercial equipment today. Items that didn’t exist, items that performed poorly, poor quality, and high expense. We also understand the budget constraints of the organizations that provide pre-hospital care and the need for reasonable priced equipment that is durable, long lasting and does the job properly. We provide (3) such products.

All items have input from experienced field medics and EMT's during the design and proto-type stages. All products are house tested followed by field testing by the local EMS system. Thus we state our products are made by EMS people for EMS people.

All products are coated in a seamless protective coating that is rugged, long lasting, durable and easily cleaned. In some cases blood that is several days old has been washed off with no more then the pressure from a garden hose. To top it all off, all products can be recoated for continued long lasting use. Several sets of our products have been in use for several years and are still in service and in good shape. As a bonus, users that switched from throw-away items to our products have realized a savings over time due to the longevity of our products.
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